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P2POOL Testing
posted 06/06/2017 22:09:39 by fedde

Hi all

We are testing a updated p2pool for freicoin.

if you want to test point you miner to stratum+tcp:// with your payout address as username. 

If any want to run a local p2pool node to get some better latency let me know at forum in a pm.


New Blockexplorer
posted 13/03/2017 16:18:34 by fedde

Hi All

Currently updated all links to our new Blockexplorer with demurrage enabled. 

Thanks for mining!

FreiExchange [BETA]
posted 18/02/2017 21:01:28 by fedde

We are pleased that we have a exchange in beta testing for freicoin/bitcoin exchange. 

Please head over to and start testing.


Fed & Fab Team

New Blockexplorer
posted 20/08/2016 15:37:51 by fedde

As coinplorer blockexplorer went down i have added our own. Its work in progress, but it works as it should at this point.

Head over to and check it out for yourself.

posted 02/02/2016 20:43:32 by fedde

Hi all

Just updated price fetching for FRC at Vircurex so we have the latest price from there in the dashboard.


Happy new year!
posted 31/12/2015 07:42:33 by fedde

We wish you all a happy new year!

Let the 2016 be a Freicoin year :)

Be sure to check out Freicoin Alliance Forum at :

If you have any problems, please contact us as fast as you can.

Up Again
posted 05/11/2015 19:13:13 by fedde

We are back in business. Happy mining :)

We currrently do : 

- 5 coin block bonus when you find a block
- Payout after just 5 confirms